Why Andrew Halcro?

Because, as a moderate in this time of political extremism, Andrew is the best choice to serve the remainder of Rep. Don Young’s term in office. Not only is he one of the most qualified candidates but his track record in the public and private sectors is unmatched.

  • As President of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce

    • 2015 - Led organization from top 4% to top 1% of all chambers in America (link)
    • 2015 - Created new innovative programs like the Young Professionals Group
    • 2015 - Created first ever Anchorage Chamber LGTBQ community outreach (link)
  • As Executive Director of the Anchorage Community Development Authority

    • 2017 - Awarded George M Sullivan Award for downtown leadership and vision
    • 2018 - ACDA awarded six local, national and international awards for development (link)
    • 2018 - Negotiated purchase of new police headquarters downtown (link)
    • 2020 - Negotiated the first new downtown hotel development in twenty years (link)
    • 2021 - Negotiated the first new market rate housing development in forty years (link)
  • As Board Chair of Great Northern Cannabis

    • 2020 - Led a shareholder takeover of Alaska’s largest cannabis company (link)
    • 2021 - Helped lead company to financial recovery and growth
    • 2021 - Opened the companies new flagship store
  • As Board Chair of Alaska Rent a Car

    • 2021 - Led company’s largest expansion in 65 years with a new brand launch (drive)

Why not the full term?

Think about it… if Alaskans elect a candidate in August who is committed to running again in November, then that candidate will spend the next three months campaigning instead of representing Alaska in Congress.

Furthermore, the average freshman house member will spend 30 hours a week fundraising while under pressure to raise thousands of dollars every day. Why would Alaskans elect a candidate to fill a seat they are not actually going to fill?

Okay, but why else?

The world is a different place today than it was 90 days ago with the war in Ukraine, record high inflation and a global economy in transition… And Alaskans are without representation in Congress for key issues:

  • Alaska’s seafood industry after the banning of Russian imports
  • Alaska’s resource development after a shift in global energy markets
  • Alaska’s global military position in a day of Russian aggression
  • Coordination on the $6.5 billion in federal infrastructure money for Alaska

Alaska needs a candidate who is qualified and committed to only serving the remainder of Young’s term to ensure that our vote in Congress isn’t spending 60% of their time campaigning during this critical period.

Wait, what?

And finally, here are a few links to presentations Andrew has made in the past. These are just a few more examples of Andrew's ability to understand and address community issues:

  • 2021 - Andrew's presentation to Visit Anchorage regarding Downtown Anchorage (link)
  • 2019 - A presentation Andrew made regarding development issues in downtown Anchorage (link)
  • 2017 - A presentation Andrew made about criminal activity at the Transit Center in downtown Anchorage (link)